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#3: An Embodied Exploration of Non-Dual Awakening with John J. Prendergast, PhD

#3: An Embodied Exploration of Non-Dual Awakening with John J. Prendergast, PhD

A conversation to stir the embers within

Welcome back to the Deep Fix podcast. Joining me for the third episode is John J. Prendergast, Ph.D. John is a non-dual teacher, author of The Deep Heart and In Touch, a retired Adjunct Professor of Psychology at CIIS, and a retired psychotherapist.

When I first encountered John’s work, I felt an immediate resonance. I could tell he had that special something—call it a gravitas, awakened presence, or just a sense of grace. And meeting him for this conversation certainly did not disappoint. I found him to be incredibly perceptive, as if he could see right to the essence of who you are.

This conversation is experiential, meaning that there are at least two times when John guides me through an embodied exploration non-dual inquiry, which you can follow along for your own benefit. We also discuss:

  • How to overcome social anxiety by shifting your identity from a sense of separation to a recognition of interconnectedness

  • The spiritual inquiry John has developed around the question: What is my deepest knowing?

  • The somatic release that organically happens from seeing things clearly

  • How to access true nature by moving beyond constant planning and overthinking, which is often especially crucial for men

  • John’s breakthrough awakening when studying with Adyashanti

  • How to avoid getting stuck in the “witness trap” as a meditator

  • The importance of “waking down” into the immanent, and how this tantric approach to seeing everything saturated in awake awareness is often better for Westerners

  • The Direct v. Progressive paths of meditation and spiritual awakening

  • A closing meditation exploring the non-dual ground of the Unknown

And now, without further ado, my conversation with John J. Prendergast.

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