Best to you as you continue to share your experience and gifts. Thanks for the reading and music tips.

So happy to support your writing ✍️.


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Jan 2Liked by Alex Olshonsky

Thanks for this piece. I’m new to Substack but have loved following you so far

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Beyond flattered to be named a new fav! Can’t wait to keep reading your work in 2023, Alex. :) And glad to see you’ve bit the bullet on going paid. You come to find that people *want* to support the work they love, which can be super encouraging artistically.

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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022Liked by Alex Olshonsky

Thanks for the shoutout Alex! Very much enjoy reading your reflections and following your journey as well. Also love Bill Plotkin's work, thanks for the book tips, added several to my reading list. And congrats on going paid!

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Awesome! Congrats on going paid! What patience you have my friend! That’s amazing to me. Congrats, also, on landing an agent; no easy feat! I like your writing--it’s strong, clear, honest, concise. Good stuff. I’m saying this as both a published writer and developmental book editor ✍️

I write about some similar topics on my Stack.


Michael Mohr

‘Sincere American Writing’


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I love listicles so much, especially these. It is my favorite part of the new year. Congrats on all of the goodness from 2022 and excited to see from afar what 2023 has in store!

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