Deep Fix is my attempt to make sense of the meaning crisis wrought by modern life. Most of my essays tackle mental and spiritual health, psychedelic healing, reclaiming culture from the void, and fulfilling work. Some weeks, I share personal stories, drawing tales from overcoming a polysubstance addiction and being a recovering Silicon Valley bro. Who knew, they were twin pursuits.

For the blessedly uninitiated, fix refers to a dope hit. All forms of modern addiction—from drugs to screens—are central to my work. The meaning also functions literally; bandaid solutions will not quell wounds of the soul. To read more about the philosophy underpinning Deep Fix, you can read this manifesto, which carries the spirit of my intention.

Who writes this?

I’m Alexander Forst Olshonsky, but everyone calls me “Olo,” a nickname that has stuck with me since my disk jockey days as “DJ oLo.”

As a writer, my work has been featured in publications like Psychology Today. I’m also a somatic practitioner and the co-founder of Natura Care Programs, an interdisciplinary non-profit addiction program harnessing psychedelics. You can learn more about me on my website, or by connecting with me on Twitter.

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Today I sit on the board, advise, and work with several non-profit organizations doing what I see as vital work in the addiction, mental health, and psychedelic spaces. Every month, l donate 5% of my subscriber revenue to my Deep Fix Super Fund, which currently includes four 501(c)(3) registered non-profits.

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The Twenties: Will We Soar? by @oloal… Fam, get familiar real quick this year with my man Oleezey, who has been delivering heat to your Inboxes every week with his “Fridays on the oLo” series all year long. His best work yet. #TheSoaringTwenties

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Alex Olshonsky

Creator of Deep Fix, co-founder of Natura Care Programs, somatic practitioner, & recovery advocate