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#2: Creating a World That Can Hold Everyone with Holly Whitaker

#2: Creating a World That Can Hold Everyone with Holly Whitaker

The living practice of a love ethic

Welcome back to the Deep Fix podcast. Joining me for the second episode is Holly Whitaker, a dear friend whose luminous mind lights up our conversation today. Holly is the NYT bestselling author of Quit Like a Woman, the founder of Tempest Recovery, and the author of the


This is a far-reaching conversation that seeks to unravel the complexities of the current era, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. Topics include:

  • Information overload, collective insanity, and the leading edge of culture

  • How easy it is to make snap judgments in our online climate

  • How we have reached the limit of critique and tearing things down (postmodern deconstructionism)

  • A primer on the philosophy of metamodernism, which seeks to build something innovative and healing

  • Finding comfort in uncertainty and holding multiple truths at once

  • Humility, redemption, and the living practice of a love ethic

  • How everyone can benefit from applying the principles of recovery

  • How “sensemaking” demands a feminine touch infused with more heart and love

Creating a World That Can Hold Everyone – The Living Practice of a Love Ethic with Holly Whitaker

Hosted by Alex Olshonsky.

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