Thank you for this comprehensive offering on a topic that contains myriad multiverses within itself, and yet is nonetheless niche and incredibly current.

I definitely get the sense that the effort you have gone to in order to present this essay in its current form is going to be incredibly worthwhile to people who need this level of context in approaching the medicine. Let's get the SEO fairies to work on it. :-)

I have not experienced the medicine myself (not out of any resistance; it simply hasn't arrived on the path) but I have come into contact with plenty of people who have affirmed this precise narrative of transformation. The caveat here, as you have described, is the need for meaningful integration of the journey through continued practice, literally building one's life up from scratch around the shadows and insights from ceremony.

A corollary thought:

Once you find Deep Fix, you cannot un-find it; it's a seed that germinates in consciousness, expanding towards the light as it is grounded in the truth of genuine and relatable experience. Thanks for taking us all on this unique and precious journey with you! ꕥ

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Well that was just the best article I’ve read on ayahuasca in maybe ever! As said above, most of everything I see is a trend piece, or a warning, or so, erm, ‘out there’ it’s just not useful to me. And thank you for talking about the appropriation aspect, it’s one of the reasons I’ve not tried the vine yet (I live quite far from any centre that sounds like a respectful provider, and I’m now even less interested in just snagging some from whoever). Really, thanks.

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Dec 19, 2021Liked by Alex Olshonsky

Thanks Alex, Have been following Tim Ferris on this and looks promising on so many fronts. Article is perfectly pitched introduction. Very well written imho.

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Beautiful, so well articulated. Inspiring me to go on another journey!

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Dec 18, 2021·edited Dec 18, 2021Liked by Alex Olshonsky

This was so revealing. Mostly when I read about Ayahuasca, it's in NYMag or it's some trend piece somewhere. I appreciate the unvarnished, firsthand account and the additional context about the plant and its rituals. Not to mention, the way you structured this piece was fantastic.

I've always been curious about Ayahuasca, but never felt compelled to make the journey. Would you happen to have any resources you know of for people who want to learn more but for whom their Ayahuasca journey might not be centered around addiction and the factors which contribute to it? As in, just an entry level way to start thinking about how ayahuasca could be beneficial?

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“Those who suffer from substance abuse disorder are particularly sensitive to these cultural features. They are humans who acutely feel the weight of their own troubles along with the burdens of a deranged collective.”

Yep. You nailed it. I’m 12 years sober. Hyper-sensitivity, deep fear, insecurity, anxiety, etc. This seems to increasingly describe most Americans in contemporary times, not just addicts, which is sad and interesting. I do see American culture now as sort of ‘alcoholic’: Hyper-partisan; tribal; binary-thinking; victim-obsessed; divisive; confused; angry. America is ‘in its addiction.’ I write about this stuff on my Stack.

Enjoyed your material. Just subscribed ❤️🔥🙏

Michael Mohr

‘Sincere American Writing’


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